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Music Projects

Passage to Ghostland, for solo cello

Commissioned by Klasik Keyifler Association for SEI SOLO CD Project, performed by Poyraz Baltacıgil

“Passage to Ghostland” is about my father, about his confusing regression into Dementia, his being tugged back and forth between a foggy version of ‘now’ and oblivion. The piece begins with a three note motive; two earthy bass notes followed by an airy harmonic one, a lonely sound swinging between earth and sky, undecided in between worlds, continues into vivid memories and  romantic phrases which cut and repeat like a broken record, surfacing and fading. 

Sei Solo (You Are Alone/Be Alone) is inspired by the the 300-year commemoration of Bach’s solo works with the same name. With the onset of Covid pandemic, ‘Sei Solo’ acquired a new meaning.

Passage to Ghostlandcomplete version
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Balance, film score

Composed for the dance documentary “BALANCE” by director Mahalia Cohen. New York

BALANCE is a documentary about the final years of HOMER AVILA, a dancer and choreographer who had his leg and hip amputated mid-career as a result of a rare form of cancer. Homer Avila is a dancer that exemplifies how disability can be integrated into dance without conforming to the able-bodied paradigm.

Yalnız Kral, for solo piano

Commissioned for the “Dear, Please Don’t” Exhibition by International Association of Art Critics (AICA). Collaboration with Osman Erden, Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art. Istanbul


YALNIZ KRAL (Lonely King) is a solo piano work based on the piece O KADAR YALNIZIM Kİ (I am so lonely) of Osman Erden. The phrase consists of a total of 12 unique letters, 16 letters in total, with the repeated ones. Assigning a uniqe note to each of the 12 letters, I transformed the 12-note matrix composition technique into a 16-letter matrix, similar to a word puzzle. Collecting words out of this puzzle created the story of the lonely king. Each word being a musical motive, this story in turn became the main structure of the composition. 


Anatolian Elegy, for solo piano

Commissioned by King Records Inc. Japan for the “National Anthems by Great Composers for Piano” Cd recording to represent Turkey. Japan 2008.


King Records of Japan designed a project for the 2008 Olympics; a recording of national anthems recomposed by contemporary composers. My composition ANATOLIAN ELEGY got selected and I had the honor the represent TURKEY with my music. The piece was performed by pianist ERICA HERZOG and the recording is available by apple music. 


The Turkish National Anthem ‘Independence March’ is composed to a poem written by Mehmet Akif Ersoy. This poem describes the heroic deeds during the Turkish War of Independence and reflects feelings of pride. ‘Anatolian Elegy’ is melodically based on Turkish National Anthem, however as suggested by its title, the emphasis is on the feelings of loss and sorrow of the war. Intentionally lacking any strict sense of rhythm, the piece is to be performed liberally and expressively ad libitum, as a sound of mourning.

DerangEd, for violin and piano

Fantasy for violin and piano in an immoral key

Premiered at Sesin Yolculugu Young Composers Festival, Istanbul 2009


DERANGED is a piece about the loss of balance, an unhinged interaction between the two voices of violin and piano. Using tonal centers G and Ab, the most dissonant interval of m2 the piece is a fiery work of contrast and intensity, an agitated unsuccessful search for harmony.

FORMING ICICLES, for flute, clarinet, vibraphone and piano

Commissioned for the Hezarfen Ensemble, Istanbul 2019


Forming icicles is a study about repetition and creating resonating sounds. Throughout the piece the same motive is repeated over and over to create a sound cloud in which accented or repetitious notes sparkle, resonate and then dissolve back into the cloud. The piece is slow and meditative. 

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LOKUM, animation film score 

Commissioned for the children animation series  “LOKUM” by Delegation of European Union to Turkey, 2018


A joint educational project by EU and Turkey, LOKUM is a twelve-part animation series focusing on children’s rights and participation. Each episode informs and guides children about important issues such as the environment, pollution, social equity, diversity and consumer rights.


Premiered at Klasik Keyifler Festival, Kapadokya 2012 by Flutist Cem Önertürk


Inspired by Haruki Murakami’s fictional character Lieutenant Mamiya of ‘Wind Up Bird Chronicle’, his deeply existential experience in the bottom of a well of a beautiful moment and 

a lingering sensation of loss. 


Using the breathy voice of solo flute, piercing yet fragile seemed to be the perfect choice for voicing Lt. Mamiya. The piece uses extended techniques to create unusual soundscapes reflecting the individuals search for meaning.

KK '12 İdil Özkan - LT Mamiya in the Well Cem Önertürk, flute
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